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Cashew Body Demand Free Trade Zone To Boost Business

The  National Cashew Association of Nigeria(NCAN) National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Sotonye Anga, has canvassed  increased spread of Free Trade to replicate the impacts the initiative has had in states they have been situated.

According to him, the FTZs have attracted so much in collective capital investments as tax holidays to make it more attractive to investors seeking to carry out high capital ventures.

Cashew nut fruit tree.
He explained that FTZ model was the softest landing for those coming to invest in the country because most of the processes are arranged and many other incentives exists.

He encouraged creation of a favourable policy environment for innovation and enabling conditions for agric entrepreneurship, and a focus on building infrastructure, including roads, and electricity.

He explained that a blend of efforts are needed to produce tangible economic result, including modern infrastructure development, seamless access to energy, market access for food products and increased foreign direct investment can play a catalytic role in fostering industrialization.

According to him, FTZs will help in creating demand for farmers produce, better remuneration, increasing level of processing and value addition, reducing wastage and creating opportunities and benefitting many farmers and youths.

He stressed the need for the development of an integrated logistics sector, adding that high logistics cost reduces the competitiveness of Nigerian goods, both in domestic as well as export market.

According to him, the development of logistics would give a boost to both the domestic and external demand, thereby encouraging manufacturing and job creation. This will, in turn, be instrumental in improving the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), he said.