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Ethiopia: Efforts Underway to Link Dry Ports With Industrial Parks

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise said efforts are underway to develop new ports along with industrial parks and development corridors to facilitate import and exports with construction of Dire Dawa port being carried out.

It is to be recalled that the country has planned to construct five dry ports in Dire Dawa HawassaMekelleKombolcha and Woreta towns along the route leading to the port of Djibouti. 

While the construction of Dire Dawa port is underway, efforts are strengthened to begin Mekelle and other ports' construction. The design and other early works are at final stage. 

The well being of ports depends on other infrastructural facilities. In this regard, the construction of railways would help connect ports with industrial parks ultimately easing the export and import process, said Kidist Belete Public Relation Officer at the enterprise. 

Early preparations are taking shape to begin construction of planned inland ports step by step, Kidist added. 

The country is making extensive efforts to expand industrial parks that are primarily aimed at promoting investments and trades. And for the target to hit it intended goals, they should be connected with transportations and linked with dry ports, Kidist noted.

Construction of the dry ports plays a significant contribution towards reducing transport costs and easing transit time of import and export, said Kidist. 

Ethiopia has so far established two inland dry ports. Located 61 km southeast of Addis Ababa, Modjo dry port currently handles 80 percent of the country's import-export along the Ethio-Djibouti trade corridor. The other one is located at Semera in Afar State. 

Modjo dry port is Ethiopia's first dry port which started on a small-scale eight years ago. 

Culled from The Ethiopian Herald