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Southern Africa: Angola At SADC Trade Negotiations Forum

Angola is since July 19, participating in the Trade Negotiation Forum of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) taking place in Pretoria, South Africa.
This follows the previously held meeting of the SADC Forum held in March 2018, which was inconclusive and to resume discussions on the trade of sugar in the region.
The goal of the Negotiations Forum is to discuss aspects concerning the regional trade, namely the protocols on commercial exchanges and trade services, which are two instruments of paramount importance, regarding that the late did not yet enter into force, since it lacks four more countries, including Angola, to submit their ratification instruments to SADC executive secretariat.
The forum preceded the meeting of top officials held on July 19, 20, which served for the preparation of SADC Commerce Ministers meeting, which is due to decide on the aspects related to the implementation of the trade protocol.
In 30th Meeting of SADC Trade Ministers, Angola is expected to introduce a report on the approval of route for the adhesion to Free Trade Zone, in compliance with its obligations at regional level, since the country ratified the trade protocol in 2003.