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Crude Oil Export: Nigeria Is Being Short Changed Through Under Declaration – Stevedores

Oil companies are short changing the Nigerian government daily through under declaration of the volume of crude oil produced and shipped through fraudulent measuring the National Association of Stevedoring Companies has alleged.
The group’s president, Mr. Bolaji Sumonu, said that International Oil Companies operating in Nigeria do not declare the accurate volume of exports of crude oil from Nigeria.
To this end, the group has proposed to assist the government in monitoring the accurate measurement of crude oil export from the various terminals across the country.
 “It is the figures the various International Oil Companies take back to government that the government accepts. What we are saying is that let there be an independent body to ensure that accurate measurement of crude oil export is stated and documented.
“This is the job of a stevedore. In the discharge and loading of cargo, stevedores will take proper records and give accurate figures because you are not at the export terminal. We have made a proposal to government and we are still discussing.
“We are saying that there are areas of operations where stevedores are not covering and which they must cover now because this is very important. We are looking at some jetties that are not covered by government and we are also looking at the proliferation of arms in some of these jetties.
“The owners of the jetties are the ones discharging and we do not know what they discharge, only the jetty owner knows what is being discharged”, Sumonu explained, adding that stevedoring is part of the core area of the maritime industry. He lamented that what is obtaining in Nigeria is a far cry from what obtains in other maritime countries.

“Stevedoring operations is safe and secure handling, discharging and loading of cargoes. We handle all sorts of products, wet, dry and general cargoes. We work on the vessel to ensure that cargoes are discharged professionally and laden professionally”, he stated.