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Globacom, telecom giant slashes international tariffs

Globacom, Nigeria’s telecom giant, has reduced tariffs on international calls to over 200 countries by as much as 85 per cent.

On the platform of ``Glo Slasher’’ the company’s action is to enables Glo subscribers to make international calls to over 200 destinations at a huge discount, on both the prepaid or post-paid platform.

 “With Glo Slasher, calls to China, India, US and UK (fixed lines) attract 40% discount, while calls to Dominica is 85%, Italy 60%, Japan 50% and Spain 55%.

“In the same vein, other high destination countries covered by the offer include Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Benin Republic, Cameroon, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India and Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone and Singapore.

 Similarly, Angola, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates, are also covered by the tariff slash.

The telecoms giant further disclosed that with this offer, it has empowered its subscribers to make calls to friends, family members, business associates in any of the countries as the tariff allows them to make more calls to more destinations than before.

 While noting that “Glo Slasher offer underlines our desire to continue to offer affordable telecommunication services to our subscribers”, Globacom averred that “with a monthly subscription of just N200, customers will have as much as 85% discount on their favourite international destinations, adding that the discount varies from 5% to 85% depending on which of the over 200 is being called”.

Continuing, it revealed that subscribers are required to dial *777# select ‘int’l call offers’ and select ‘IDD call Slasher Menu’ to enjoy the special tariffs, adding that subscribers must keep a sufficient main account balance to enjoy international calls at the discounted rates.

 Details of the promotion showed that when a customer subscribes to Glo Slasher, the subscription is renewed automatically every month to ensure uninterrupted discount.